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    Bi-fuel Power Control Solutions

    ComAp have developed an easy-to-fit bi-fuel management package that converts your diesel engine to run primarily on gas. ComAp has solutions for both stationary and mobile engines, with significant savings to be made with either solution. ComAp's bi-fuel system is ideally suited to generator packagers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to deliver more economically beneficial power packages.

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    Parallel Gen-set Control Solutions

    Addressing the Generator and Switchgear market segment, we concentrate on customers, who add value through their engineering skills to project-based integrated solutions for complex systems.

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    Renewable Power & Hybrid Microgrid Control Solutions

    The usage of renewables significantly reduces the consumption of fuel and the amount of CO2

  • ComAp specializes in creating electronic control and management solutions for use in the power generation industries and drive power markets. Our portfolio of products, software and accessories is designed to support emergency power, standby power generation and engine driven applications all over the world.